We will be holding an Online Prayer Meeting on Wednesday Evening at 7:30pm.

We will be using Microsoft Teams to host our online meetings.  For those who haven't used Microsoft Teams before there are some instructions above for both Windows and Apple devices.  For those who are familiar with Teams you can go straight to the Join Meeting button below.

Please note that the features that are available to you will depend on a number of factors including, version of Microsoft Teams, whether you're running a web version or the full desktop app and whether you're using an Apple or Windows device.

If you have any issues joining please fill out this form - I Need Help

1. To get into the meeting click on the Join Meeting
 button below
2. You will be asked how you want to join.  We suggest you click on Continue on this browser if you don't have Microsoft Teams and don't want to install it.  If you do have Microsoft Teams click on the third option.
3. Allow access to your microphone if prompted
4. Enter as Guest if prompted.
5. Enter your full name and click on Join now.

For more detailed instructions view the video on the right.


1. For Apple devices you will need to install Microsoft Teams first.  You can do this via the App Store.
2. Once Microsoft Teams is installed click on Join Meeting below.
2. Select Join as a guest
3. Type in your full name and select Join Meeting

For more detailed instructions view the video on the right.

Our Online Prayer Meeting will be held on Wednesday Evening at 7:30pm.