Who We Are

We are an independent Pentecostal church, founded by the late Pastor F.A. Wilson in the mid 1940's. Mt Roskill is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in NZ and our church reflects that, with members from Asia, India, Polynesia, Africa, Europe and a number of other countries.

We hold a separate Asian Communion Service each Sunday morning with translation into Mandarin. We also share in some services for the English speaking congregation with headphone translation and have other ethnic outreaches and activities.

We also have a growing Middle Eastern Fellowship with translation into Farsi. They share most Sundays in the Asian church service with headphone translation but often have separate meetings and a regular Bible study which is open to anyone from the Middle East who wants to know more about being a Christian.

We have branches in Manurewa and Glen Eden which share some activities with the Mt Roskill congregation.

We also have a branch in Osaka, Japan, with outreach congregations in other cities in Japan.

Our purpose in every aspect of ministry and outreach, is to bring Christians closer to God and to bring nonbelievers to a saving relationship with Him.