Father's Day Messages

It's Father's Day this Sunday and since we're in lockdown we'd like to put together a message board for all our dad's.  
You can write a short message for your own dad, granddad or father figure or write a short encouragement to all dad's.

To Submit A Post & Pic

1. In the form below enter your family name (eg. The Smith Family) or your own name
2. Type in your Father's Day message.  No more than 2-3 sentences.
3. Select which church branch you are from, so it appears on the correct page (anyone from Glen Eden, Asian or Persian Fellowship can use the Mt Roskill branch)
4. Upload a photo of your dad or a pic of your family.  Since we haven't been able to see anyone for a while it would be great to get some family pics.   You could always send us some pics of what you did for Father's Day or even some of the creative gifts you've made.  

All posts sent prior to Sunday will be available to view on Sunday morning and any we receive during Sunday will be posted throughout the day.

Look forward to celebrating Father's Day with you all online!

Please note, by uploading a photo you give us permission to display your photo on our website for the purpose of the Father’s Day Message Board for a period of one week.   After this date the photo will be taken down and deleted.

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